Dietary Supplement Quality Professional Training

Quality Professionals who can make the right business decisions

Dietary Supplement Professional Training

Build a Culture of Quality in Your Organization

The key objective of the Dietary Supplement Quality Professional Training is to provide companies with technically competent quality professionals who can make the right business decision, no matter how tough the circumstances.

This modular training program, presented by NSF Health Sciences in partnership with the United Natural Products Alliance (UNPA) and the National Center for Natural Products Research (NCNPR) of the University of Mississippi, will provide participants with the technical, scientific and regulatory knowledge, and above all, the skills and confidence to add significant value to your organization. This program has been developed based on the requirements set forth in 21 CFR 111 by a variety of industry experts who specialize in the topics presented.

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The DSQP training consists of a series of 12 modules offered during a one-year period.

Together, they are designed to provide the comprehensive knowledge and skills required of today’s dietary supplement quality and technical professionals. Each module is also designed to stand alone as a self-contained course which may be attended by professionals who desire to gain knowledge in specific areas.

Delegates can enter at any point and progress through all 12 modules if they wish to gain DSQP Certification by NSF Health Sciences through the University of Mississippi.

The module series follows:

  • 21 CFR 111 – GMP Overview
  • SOP and Recordkeeping for Compliance to 21 CFR 111
  • FDA Inspection Readiness
  • CAPA (Corrective Action) Management
  • Testing Method Selection, Specification Setting & Equipment Qualification
  • Stability Program Development
  • Vendor Qualification & Audit Training
  • Cleaning & Control of Cross-contamination
  • Process Definition & Control; Facility/Utilities Design and Monitoring
  • Risk Assessment and Risk Management
  • Staff Recruitment & Internal Training Development
  • International Regulatory Requirements for Dietary Supplements

Is this Program for Your Company?

The DSQP program is for future Quality Leaders and Technical Professionals from a variety of disciplines, including:

• Quality • Manufacturing • Engineering • Regulatory Affairs • Research & Development

It is expected that individuals who attend will be either seeking to fill a gap in their background or looking to attend the full series to complement their education and prepare them for key leadership roles in their respective companies. This training provides an in-depth understanding of the regulations and how they apply to their operations. The focused modules provide tools to professionals for implementation and allow for discussion on specific issues for various scenarios. The training program stresses the underlying purpose of the regulation and the dangers of non-compliance while also giving professionals the confidence in implementing quality systems and building a culture of quality in their organization.

Why NSF Health Sciences?

NSF Health Sciences, a premiere division of NSF International, brings a combination of over 30 years of experience in providing consulting, training and auditing services to the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical industry. NSF Health Sciences offers a comprehensive training approach which goes far beyond just content delivery.

The extensive, industry experience of NSF Health Sciences instructors helps provide delegates with tangible, realworld case studies of work place situations and one-on-one interaction. Each module is thoughtfully designed and consists of a mix of lectures and group exercises which maximizes the learning for the participants.

3-Way Partnership

Why are these 3 organizations appropriate partners to lead this dietary supplement quality training program?

NSF Health Sciences is an NSF International company who has an expansive network of quality auditors, trainers and consulting offering 21 CFR 111 expertise to the industry. DBA (formerly David Begg Associates) is the leading pharmaceutical training and consulting company in Europe. The strong history of these two organizations and their primary focus on improving quality and public health and safety make them the ideal provider in the industry.

UNPA has a strong historical focus on improving consumer awareness by supporting the industry through offering extensive informational seminars focused on Good Manufacturing Practices and regulatory compliance.

NCNPR at Ole Miss is an FDA Center of Excellence and provides extensive method development, testing and advisory services to the FDA and industry in the areas of Natural Product Research both domestically and internationally. They are dedicated to providing the industry with sound and valid methods to ensure natural products safety, efficacy and potency.

Each DSQP participant will receive a “Certificate of Completion” from NCNPR for their completion of the DSQP series.

A word from NSF Health Sciences

At NSF Health Sciences we are committed to providing relevant and high quality training and educational programs tailored for the dietary supplement industry, to instill the importance of quality throughout all operations, so that you can ensure your company’s compliance to 21 CFR 111.

Casey Coy

Dietary Supplements Specialist Partner NSF Health Sciences

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